Knüelle (+ StoryEngine)

Knüelle (+ StoryEngine)


Platform: Browser (online)
Player: 1 Player
Genre: Adventure

Knülle isn’t a typical game. Although there are hidden game-mechanics, Knülle focuses heavily on multilinear-storrytelling which is nothing else than the Choose your own adventure books you might know, – just digital. The last image shows how the story is connected and where you start. You don’t see the “endings” because they eventually all lead back to the starting point (otherwise, you would have to reload everything to start over).

The game builds upon an extra developed PHP engine based on CodeIgniter and should be released soon on GitHub.

Play here online

Programming: David Krummenacher, Michael Müller
Graphics: Philipp Stern
Illustrations: Nicolas Matter
Storywriting: Philipp Stern, Michael Müller, Nicolas Matter

knuelle__0001_Layer 1knuelle__0000_Layer 2 knuelle__0000_Layer 12 knuelle__0000_Layer 11

This game (incl. StoryEngine) was created during the Multilinear-Storytelling course at Zurich University of Art.