Cans 'n Cops

Cans ‘n Cops

Game-Design concept for Pervasive Games course at Zurich University of Art by Nicolas Matter and Michael Müller.

Using existing graffiti art as 3D-Tracking marks it is possible to overwrite (cross) these graffiti virtually. Depending on a variety of factors such as spot-difficulty, time of day, creativity, colors used etc. you gain experience points (fame) and climb the leader-board.

On the other side, the player can also play as the police and team-up with fellow cops. Playing as the police means constant observation of your environment and you probably are going to run a lot.


At day time, you do better with location-scouting and buying cans for your future master-pieces. A map of your surroundings provides you with virtual stores and allows for setting markers for easier returning at night.


This game-concept was created during the Pervasive-Games course at Zurich University of Art.