Meantime VR

Meantime VR

Platform: Oculus Rift / GearVR
Player: 1 Player
Genre: Puzzle Exploration
Developer Team: Sonja Böckler & Michael Müller

“Meantime” is an explorative Adventure in Virtual Reality. The player interacts with the world only by looking at certain things, while uncovering many little stories and secrets. The current prototype is made in Unity 5 by Sonja Böckler and Michael Müller, both students in Game-Design at Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland.

In MEANTIME the player discovers an emerging world full of little stories. These stories unfold as the player interacts.

MEANTIME will focus heavily on environmental storytelling and the player’s viewfield. Therefore we aim to provide full Oculus Rift support while maintaining compatibility with iOS.

screenshots meantime vr 1920x1080 screenshots meantime intro 1920x1080 screenshot_lighthouse 1920x1080 screenshot_island_1 1920x1080 screenshot_harbourIsland_fishing 1920x1080 screenshot_harbourIsland_diving 1920x1080